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kiddiecancerinfo.com logo My name is Tracy and I am Chloe’s mum.

About a year after Chloe finished her cancer treatment I came up with an idea to start up a Face book children’s cancer campaign called a mum’s campaign to save kid’s lives from cancer.

Campaign  website link is http://amumscampaign.com/

My first goal was to produce my very own children’s cancer booklet. But at the moment I have had no luck at finding someone to supply me the information. So I have linked up with Children’s cancer, Leukaemia group and Macmillan to display their cancer information. My second goal was to produce a new style of a children’s cancer website, which you can see before your eyes.

2011 event starting point 

I have hosted several family 5 k fun runs and family day events in Kent which have been very successful. I have been on BBC Radio  kent , KM FM ,Academy FM plus I have also been in local news papers and chat  magazine.

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This Website was designed  by Tracy Bennett  –Kiddiecancerinfo.com is a small charity.