Ideas !

 Ideas for parents who have just found out that their child has cancer.

 They should do this!

*Take loads of pictures of your child as their appearance changes very fast once they start treatment.

*Talk to your child about their illness in a way that they will understand for their age.

*We had to say to our 4 and a half year old daughter  who had kidney and lung cancer that she had

a naughty lump.

 At each stage of her treatment and operations, we had to sit down with her and explain why she needed these things.

*Make a list of plans for special days out that you will do after your child has had their set of chemo /Radio, so your child will have some thing to look forward to.

*Ask your child to write down a wish list.

*Make goals

*Have a treatment plan poster up in your home , which you would put a star sticker on after your child has had chemo/Radio/bloods taken etc.

*Keep a day to day diary on :



*Health = good/bad /ok/great


*Any friends/family members who have been around you or your child who has fell ill.

Do a letter which has any information that you feel you should inform your child’s doctor when you have an appointment coming up! This makes life a lot easier as it’s hard to remember every thing on the spot.

Plus write down your Childs medicine that they are taking. 

Buy smaller size clothing when your child starts treatment, as your child will start to loose a lot of weight.

Also buy  several beanie hats.

If your child has been invited to go to a party!

*Try to find out if any of the children and/or family members are ill, are recovering from a cold or if anyone feels like they maybe coming down with a cold.

*Don’t go if the answer is a yes as your child can catch things very easily , as their immune system is low when they are having treatment.

The day before your child has an operation, take your child out for a special meal,as your child probably won’t be able to eat for a long time before and after  their operation, as they may well feel unwell for some  time and loose their appetite.

But Jelly does  go down well and is a  big hit with the kids.

Bring items from home if you wish ie;

*Extra Pillows


*Special toys and family pictures.

Ask your child to make some special drawings to display in their hospital room.

* Also ask your child’s teacher to ask the children to do some special drawings too,

my daughter loved this as it shows her that they were all thinking of her and missing her.

*Keep spare dry food that you can put a way at home in case you need to go into hospital. (Unplanned)


Cereal bars, crisps, cheeses, pot noodles, dry soups, crackers.

Also bring sausage rolls, butter, jams, biscuits and bottle water. 

Keep your family/friends phone numbers next to your hospital phone in your room or in your handbag .

Have a hospital bag ( for one or two nights stay ) made up in case your child starts to feel ill and needs to go into hospital.

Items that your child would need

Toiletries( sensitive skin products)

Loads of PJ’s (loose size)

1-2 out door clothing (loose)

Loads of under wear



Dressing grown

1 coat

1 hat

Hospital book


Books/DVDs/art stuff /music

Washing powder- so you can hand wash

Loads of clothing that does not need to be ironed

Travel iron

Travel hair dryer

 Cd /MP3 player and ear phones

Reading books/music that you can read or listen to when your child is sleeping through the night. (You can’t sleep)

 or in

 Make a note/chart for any bills that you will need to pay, also have their phone numbers for this too, so if you are stuck in hospital; you can call them.

Put up a sign on your front door, saying if you have a cold etc

 Please do not come in as my child is very ill.

(We did this)

Talk to your Childs teachers to see if he/she would  allow you to bring your child into their class room after school.

You can find out what school work they are doing in class,so you could ask your Childs teacher to give you some school work/ (reading books) to do at home and while you are in hospital so your child won’t fall behind.

While your child is in school!

Give your child’s teacher some toilet wipes and gloves.

If your child is having chemo/radio it is very importation for your child (if old enough too) or their teacher to clean the toilet seat as it is risky for people to be in contact with your child’s urine.

Ask your child’s community nurse to go to your child’s school to talk to your child’s class,to try and explain about your child’s cancer.

So they then can explain:

*What your child will be going through and why

* about the hair loss

*the weight loss


While your child is having chemo/radiotherapy

 *Don’t use body /face creams.

Non  fragrance soap is better as your child’s skin will be very sensitive.

*No one can use your child’s bath water once your child starts chemo treatment.

*Cuts = Make sure your child’s cuts are covered.

Schools need to take note that if one of their pupils is having cancer treatment then the parent’s need to be informed ASAP.

If a child in your child’s class or their brothers/sisters have come down with chicken pox etc, your child would need to go to their hospital to be checked over.

If the doctors believe that your child has a high chance to contract Chicken pox etc then they will need to give your child an injection to stop this ASAP.

Children in remission need to be careful too. 

Hospital appointments

If your child worries about their check up appointments like my daughter then here’s some advice and ideas for you.

Talk to your child’s teacher so he/she can keep an extra eye on your child, so they can inform you if your child’s behaviour changes.

Sit down and talk to your child about their worries.

Explain what will be happening at their check up appointment and why!

SCAR = One day my daughter told me that a boy in her class made fun of her scar, which is a cross her tummy, he noticed it when they were getting changed for PE, and it really up set her!

My reply was “Don’t listen to him, You should be proud of your scar, as it shows everyone that you are a very brave little girl and that you’re a survivor”!

I had a word with Chloe’s teacher and that was the end of that.

As your child gets older they start to worry about getting ill again, I have noticed this with my daughter, I have been as open as I can to a 9 year old child.

You need to make them understand that check up appointments will always be a part of their life. (Maybe taking medicine too)

But they are very lucky to have the check up appointments as the hospital will make sure that every thing is ok, the doctors are always there for them if they ever need them.